.​.​.​Enjoy The Art, But Don't Write On My House

by M-Theory

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This is M-Theory's extended E.P. recorded on his own in his spare time. With art inspired by his friend John Horton, and Photography by best friend/executive producer Aaron Guzman, Enjoy The Art But Don't Write On My House explores the colorful mind of M-Theory. With beats produced by Aaron Guzman and M-Theory himself.


released July 14, 2010

released 14 July 2010
Executive Producer: Aaron Guzman
Co-Executive Producer: M-Theory (S. Wiedel)
All Songs Recorded By: M-Theory (S. Wiedel)
All Photos done by: Aaron Guzman (www.aarongphotography.com)



all rights reserved


M-Theory Eureka, California

M-Theory is a hip-hop artist from Sacramento, CA. Born and raised in Northern California he first became interested in Hip- Hop at the age of 9. At the age of 13 he assumed the stage name M-80 and wrote his first rap song. In high school he met his best friend Aaron Guzman and they have been making records together ever since. Now with a more fitting stage name, his music reflects his ability. ... more

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Track Name: Everything I Had In Mind

1-My mind is faded yet jaded unaided in my attempts to make some sense out of prophecies sent to
2-My main frame untamed insane and brain damaged its outlandish Im famished.
3-All the lyrically challenged my patients comes unfastened, my passion is still patten.
4-Pending borrowing my rhymes Im not lending defending what it means to be an MC.
5-Please be more cautious when round me, my styles free but not cheap.
6-All time wasted comes back wit a vengeance, propaganda posted on the wall eternal life sentence.
7-Lucky sevens oh yes you thank heavens, lyrics bustin out of speaker automatic weapons.
8-Count your blessing testing the water for your true slaughter its all part of....everything I had in mind

1-My mind is gone gone gone with the wind even when its pinned down to a sinned heart whithin.
2-Break in my lyrics will break skin to cause abrasions, and will come back blazing on different occasions.
3-Phase one get comfortable sittin in shotgun, phase two I dunno fuck you and your whole crew I guess.
4-Stressed from a religious sect breathing down ya neck, sitting bored in class as you're flickin a tech deck.
5-The mind set on every rhyme spent, the lines bent and Im confused again.
6-Construed a friend asked him to lend me a hand, how could I have known he was a one man band.
7-Here I stand completely motionless and senseless, defenseless to all attempts in to defeat me.
8-Discretely Im creeping out the apartment, its all part of....everything I had in mind.
Track Name: Addendum

1-Yo methods of madness contract the atlas, controlled vision and denied access.
2-You will expire if you show no respect, and there is no money without debt.
3-Words entangle into blind submission, words like faith and patriotism.
4-This is just a mask to block your eyes, from what continues to socially paralyze.
5-Entangled lies to capitalize, on human suffering and wasted lives.
6-Face the times aware of this zeitgeist, theres a hidden agenda and it comes at a price.
7-Big brother is watching you, all these political prostitutes.
8-Watch out for that union across the border, watch out for that new world order.
Track Name: I'm Good

1-Lookin at you like it's the very first time, That moment in history branded for life on my mind.
2-I got you you got me lets take a trip to outer space, or we aint gotta move we can stay in one place. You know Im bout u.

Hook: Oh I know it's so hard, Oh I know I should feel scarred, Oh if I could then I would, Oh if you're good then I'm good. Im feeling good.

1-Yeah cuz you're right here, I aint gotta look for you nowhere.
2-All for you I got time to spare, faint memories of what you used to wear.
3-Wait wait just another illusion, open my eyes and you still aint home.
4-Every day and night this Earth I roam, no more alone.
5-So I light me a spliff to ease a way the pain, damn girl I just gotta get you back on my brain.

Track Name: Re-Create

1-Visionary never seize to be a legendary figure in the public eye the nine live you choose to sacrifice as time flies by sometimes I feel like I've died.
2-Pride and prejudice is all that left for the rest of us never let em get the best of us testin us its a must we make em bite the dust bust on em lyrically and leavin em rust.
3-Contradiction a pure indecision I'm perfectly dissecting the beat with precision 80 baby who would like prescription fallowed by an addiction fallowed by intervention.
4-No more discretion no more regression sitttin waitin for unemployment extensions and I dont do impressions start spittin confessions oh baby did I forget to mention.

Hook: Im the one Im the one you been lookin for lookin for baby I can give you more.
Im the one Im the one that you need that you need baby they cant see!
That I'm The One, yes I'm the one, to innovate and RE-CREATE!!!

1-Ridiculous aint it the the way we never face it and our tounges never get close enough to taste it embrace it this fuckin rap game needs a face lift and Im the doctor that they've given the case to.
2-Hate you no they just dont understand what it takes to make you realize the potential that you have that you could grasp but thats why Im here Im gonna make you last.
3-Yo Im spittin without permission sick of living in this kitchen doin dishes these bitches living in their world of fiction I dont listen Im just musician wit a condition that will piss em all off.
4-Rip em all of the wall and called the one MC who refuses to fall the one MC who deputes em all the one MC that you cant deny that...


1-Alotta people saying hip-hops dead Alotta people saying hip-hops dead well its not dead but it is on life support a life span cut short to report.
2-My memoirs are on wax and aint nuthin extravagant its just facts my past and present aint never coming back wit a future to match how can I even top that.
3-Back pack and Im at it again I wont stop till you asking your friends all about me doubt me its cool I was looking for that its never been far when Im bar for bar.
4-To war yes off we go pay no attention your plastic recycled flow I got more bars than verizon do now who you been lookin for baby who?

Track Name: Twilight Aurora

1-When the morning light hits your eyes.
2-Memories enhanced from the previous night.
3-Nowhere else in this atmosphere.
4-Would I rather be than right here.

Hook: And once again you've opened the box of Pandora, its just u and I in this twilight aurora. (X2)

Its dancing on the horizon.

1-Ah baby please don't fade away.
2-Stay close eternity cascades.
3-Nowhere else in this state of mind.
4-Would I even consider to find.


1-Baby U and I are like polar opposites, magnetism breaking the laws of modern science.
2-The solar breeze flows through your hair, sparking off each individual bright flare.
3-Occasionally viewed in temperate latitudes, separate attitudes confused for misuse.
4-The distance between us rate relative motion, and the strength of our bond can only prove our devotion.

Track Name: Really Don't Care

1-Talk about wrong time right place, Aaron G supplies bass to bust yo face.
2-Irreplaceable yes untraceable, true existence is erasable.
3-Don't get comfortable I could bust a few, if u wack MCs really want me to.
4-The fuck is wrong with you I've not got to you, but in this lifespan you gotta do what ya got to do.
5-Got lots to do its impossible, why you hate me I have never bothered you.
6-I've tolerated you for way too long, Hip-hop muthafucca where I belong.

Hook: Hey a what ya waiting for, some sexy ass ladies to hit the dance floor?
Hey what you want from me, a possibility to spit on this beat.
Hey can you attest to that, tell me honestly are you impressed with that.
Hey who told you life was fair, got long hair and I really dont care.

1-Blatantly you get a taste of me, if u facing me you get displaced from me.
2-These rappers sweet like pastries, bubble gum rappers cant hang wit me.
3-Im impatient see Im sick of catering, to your every need and this industry.
4-Interesting how you invest in things, got no core value or mental testing.
5-The best things in life are free except freedom, thats why we need the media to mislead em.
6-Mistreat em feed em to the wolves and let them eat em break em off and proceed to bleed em.

Track Name: The Runaway
The Runaway:

1-I count my battle wounds through tattered clothes by the light of the moon I think they coming for me soon.
2-Waiting for the month of June till then I just stay here in my tomb until these flowers bloom.
3-Boom my conscious blows into a million pieces, the truth about society no they'll never teach us.
4-Preach to us until were geezers and brain wash us till we cant see either and thats a whole other creature.

Hook: This is the runaway, all I wanna do is runaway, This is the runaway, all I wanna do is runaway.

1-Waiting for the irregular space-time continuum, another fifty days another fifty blunts.
2-Another fifty guns to blow the sun right outta the sky its time to fight so we fight.
3-We bring pain in the morning light faint signs of loss of sight you could loose it all so you better hold tight.
4-Bright and early this life concerns me maybe it might return me but its burning ya heard me.

Track Name: In The Mind's Eye

1-Breathe looking for that actual reaction, vocal chords laid on the wax is everlasting.
2-Satisfaction is the common reaction, welcome to the main attraction used as distraction.
3-Time over lapping your a couple behind, as subtle as memories erase form your mind.
4-Read between the lines find what you been missing in life and react accordingly.
5-So rewarding see to be hoarding these things you want no one else to uncover.
6-Discover including your lover and friends wherever it ends it will end abruptly.
7-Hunting down all of your insecurities, impurities not to mention immaturity.
8-Your hurting me deserting me leaving me here to die, you are not what I see in the minds eye.

Hook: Leaving it all behind, so I can visualize, I will live and die in the minds eye.
Breaking free of time, space and mankind, I will love and lie in the minds eye.

1-Break free from your inhibition indecision, pathetic attempts of obtaining recognition.
2-Smoke fills the air and lights flash, hyperventilation and panic attacks.
3-This is reaction to hard crimes of passion, in true visual fashion I respond with infraction.
4-Two halves of a fraction a whole in the mids eye, almost to the point u cant remember the sky.
5-All you have is the images that your brain will allow, you know that you remember you just cant figure how.
6-How how will I ever come back from this, breaking imagination but I cant just will my fists.
7-All I see is her when I close my eyes, but something isnt right it seems like shes disguised.
8-Pride in the beliefs that carry upon my shoulders, numb I cant even feel the air get colder.

Track Name: You Make It Too Easy

1-Sweet conversation late night with patients, thinking of places you and I can embrace this.
2-Growing infatuation and relation, the foundation for this true elation.
3-Heart breaking does not compute, not in my syntax when thinking of you.
4-A few drinks in our system askin all kinds of questions, listening to each others embarrassing confessions.
5-Addressing the issues that always uplift you, tell right away that I could never restrict you.
6-Conflict you never could diss you, I wish you could see the same thing I do.
7-Shit maybe you do I miss you do you miss me too and if the riot ensues I got you.
8-Got to know you always got me, you make it too easy!

Hook: Baby, you make it too easy, baby, too easy for me.

1-Baby we back at your place and candle light replacing incandescent light bulbs.
2-Playing solstice on your cd player, just adds to the mood layers.
3-If u ever need favors Ill be your life saver, in all different flavors for the moment to savor.
4-My behavior cannot be accounted for, cuz with a body like that Im forced to endure.
5-Everything you have to offer mentally and physically, spiritually especially I thinkin this was meant to be.
6-Testing me baby I think you should invest in me, Ill give you the rest of me but never give you less of me.
7-Found myself undressing thing that I never thought to be, possibly I can feel your presence in my artery.
8-My heart to be just might start to bleed, baby you make it too easy!


1-How could it be so simplistic and complex at the same time you aint like them other girls that I can find.
2-Confined to a false state of mind without no rhyme or reason its that time of the season.
3-You couldn't be more pleasing I couldn't be more satisfied, even with a small amount of time and then cast aside.
4-And to past the time I write this for you you maintain my love consistently stay true.
5-And yeah we have our lil fights like what fifteen minutes shit we cant stay mad because we know that were in it.
6-I'm insistent don't wanna get too explicit, but I'm envisioning us in a certain position.
7-Conditions never gonna keep me from you, I can handle whatever we go through.
8-And hopefully you can hear these words I say, over 64 hundred miles away.

Hook: You make it so easy so easy so easy girl. You make it so easy!!
Track Name: Completely Incomplete

1-24 years of life and still wondering, where it all began and how it all ends.
2-Who are your real friends who can you depend, on who's really worth to defend.
3-Shit by the weeks end Im thinking of leaving and telling everyone I need time to find Steven.
4-Cuz whoever the hell M-80 is ain't working, he's just a figure in the shadows still lurking.
5-Looking for a way to get into the sunlight, fighting off demons just so he can live right.
6-All he sees are fake faces facades and replacements, ridiculous places where people engage with.
7-One another they try to play it off but I can tell that they're smothered just like me.
8-Why be apart of their deceit theres no use to compete when you feel.

Hook: Im completely incomplete as I sit here and think while the whole world sleeps.
Broken in half by the mass of the universe, so I sit here and write a verse to fight off this curse.
Completely incomplete as I listen to this beat while the whole world weeps.
Steep hills to climb as I evolve, try to hold on to this planet as it revolves.

1-Bare foot the floor feels cold, when the fuck did I get this old.
2-Never bought nor sold, thinkin bout how this napkin wont unfold.
3-Distraction from what I need to behold, lately I dont really listen to what Im told.
4-Hold up wait I fell time moving, even thought the clock and watch are both broken.
5-Spoken for but no one ever speaks for me, my toleration wont allow you to ignore me.
6-Poor me I think Ill choose door three, even though I feel I chose prematurely.
7-Welcome to world war three inside of my imagination, no more room for ignorant contemplation.
8-My thoughts are too loud no more being discrete, it feels like defeat when you feel.


1-Whats up whats going down whats black or white, no wrong or right.
2-Its not worth the fight who turned off the lights or have I lost my sight.
3-Cuz Im damn sure that Ive lost my way, my heart pumps blood into my veins and thats it.
4-Because I cant feel shit in my chest, besides the occasional heart burn its our turn.
5-And illusions come more frequently, when u dont have the decency.
6-To acknowledge things in life ain't free, people in charge dont care but its time they see.
7-Me and all of my greatness fuck it I hate this now what have I wasted.
8-Time money or food I eat, I know you wanna retreat when you feel.

Track Name: Action Reaction


1-Hey a feel it in yo spine rhythms combined and intertwined with lines.
2-Makes me divine sucka rappers is swine, and I'm having bacon for breakfast this time.
3-And its so damn close I can almost taste it, yo styles vacant send in the replacement.
4-Thats me tell em holla syndicate on three, one two three syndicate we be.
5-The beasts incinerating beats, intimidating heat quit imitating me.
6-Irritating basically what you're facing, no patients you wont be waiting.
7-Fuck you pay me, wait me out and get taken out.
8-Im forsaken now in this basement now, I gotta get out of this wasted town.

Hook: How am I gonna get through, how am I gonna make u, realize that time is runnin out and it all about how we react now.

1-Muthaphuccas aint shit, blaze the spliff we get live, you can tell em all that I've arrived.
2-Just in time my tongue combusts into rhyme, distrust in mankind's ability to mind.
3-Chillin out to summertime by sublime, we get by on anything that we can find.
4-This is grime in its early prime, make sure you turn the page when you hear the chime.
5-(Chime) and Im beggin forgiveness, can I get a witness how could you resist this.
6-This is what I was born to do, this this is what I was warning you.
7-All that I wanna do is make you understand that ignorant imaginations expand.
8-Listen to this lyrical contraband, and Ima take it back where it all began.

Track Name: This Is The Last Time

1-We used to be such a perfect pair.
2-People used to talk, but we didn't care.
3-We always made love in the bright moonlight.
4-And walked hand in hand, in the heat of night.
5-But now you struck me down and I don't know why.
6-Like thunder and lightening coming out of the sky.
7-And I'm not gonna play your little game anymore.
8-This time will be the last babe I'm out the door.

Hook: This is the last time, I'm not the same.
This is the last time, I'll play your game.
This is the last time, don't ask me why.
This is the last time, I'm saying goodbye.

1-I'm not gonna be treated like a child, while you run around always runnin wild.
2-I'm not gonna take anymore of this shit, this is the last babe I tell you I quit.
3-You never stayed around you were never true, now it's time you realize our time is due.
4-And don't bother asking me to stay with you, this time is the last babe now were through.