My Last Days Of Rest

by M-Theory

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released December 8, 2013



all rights reserved


M-Theory Eureka, California

M-Theory is a hip-hop artist from Sacramento, CA. Born and raised in Northern California he first became interested in Hip- Hop at the age of 9. At the age of 13 he assumed the stage name M-80 and wrote his first rap song. In high school he met his best friend Aaron Guzman and they have been making records together ever since. Now with a more fitting stage name, his music reflects his ability. ... more

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Track Name: Appropriated Pain
Appropriated Pain:
1-The sunlight cracks through the blinds, it illuminates your eyes.
2-You open them so softly, I swear forever they’ll taunt me.
3-Memories I hold fondly, incredibly they still haunt me.
4-Dream status I couldn't get lucid wit it, it took control of my soul and told me how it’s ending.
5-Eyes open let em focus a second, never will I be looking frantic.
6-Still a suicidal Casanova, that means I'm still hopelessly romantic.
7-Pull down the sheets back pack another bowl, lock eyes with me baby I wont ever let em go.
8-I don’t know what else to say I just need you everyday, and you take away take away all my…pain.

Hook: All my pain is gone, all this strain is off, I'm not insane or lost, all my pain is gone when I see you.

1-Our congruence is an influence of Oxytosin and our hearts movement fluid through the who's this?
2-And wheres she been all my life, those cold nights in bold white on to her now forever I gotta hold tight.
3-Shes new to see to old sight, shes everything I've known and waited for my whole life.
4-Honest I promise shes a goddess Adonis the hottest stunning and genius is the presence she puts upon us.
5-Hidden behind the shadowed pillar, everything that came before her was just filler.
6-And I don't speak through any filter, she'll never be my bitter second place silver.
7-Its time to give into our similarities, merry me or not just be buried with me.
8-I don’t know what else to say I just need you everyday, and you take away take away all my…pain.

1-So exhilarating invigorating, obliterating any chance of liberating .
2-Me of love my hands are free of blood, because of us I can breathe again its nuts.
3-My heart beats to the rhythm of your aura, your heart beats to the rhythm of a supernova.
4-And it rains like the meteor showers fighting for power with gravity actually is been happening for hours.
5-Pure serenity inside of you I've found my own identity physical chemistry relative density.
6-I can foresee our longevity leaving me breathlessly left with your essence intensively in need of care for everything.
7-Elation is a forgiving inclement, and dare I say I feels magnificent.
8-I don’t know what else to say I just need you everyday, and you take away take away all my…pain.
Track Name: Bittersweet Victory
Bittersweet Victory:

1-My poetry lays in the sawdust, for eternity just like I promised.
2-No conflict I remain modest, we can continue with this harmonic.
3-I sweep through like a ghostly arsonist, and burn mics down with no trace or arguments.
4-Things get broken but always cleaned up, put the beat on repeat and hope I don't freeze up.
5-Shit a downward spiral of a citizen, never given in to religion or dividends.
6-Close up at nightfall the sky is insanity, I can show this to the rest of humanity.
7-But they got to want to listen without softened precondition lost in fiction.
8-No nutrition in their education, so they cant see far past graduation. But...

Hook: Could it be that simple, I think I'll stick to rocking instrumentals.

1-I can find the beauty in rebellion, they need to stop buying everything they sell them.
2-Is there a threat in a counter culture mindset, a para-scientific find that will blindside them.
3-I'm the electric messenger, the 24 hour truth developer.
4-And yes I am a main competitor, sent here to expose the editors.
5-I only dwell in the shadow as a day dreamer, and do the best things in life cuz they're way cheaper.
6-My ashes wont project the weaker, part of my soul that was lost in detour.
7-First born contestant in life's big game show, no way Ill lay low so thing will stay slow.
8-You can bet your bankroll our brains are made unstable you can let your ways go because they know.

1-Creation and evolution are way too arrogant, were really a genetic experiment.
2-So my mortal life is prone to detriment, with that threat I will preach the elements.
3-I never give the opportunity to strike back, cuz I know your personality just like that.
4-Right off the back ferocious adaptive, held captive in a place I'm made to be combative.
5-Ill be damned with an agonizing purpose, and we can all compete and see who gets furthest.
6-I need honesty not a poetic apology, I don't have the escape velocity.
7-I shine light on hollow observation, and every small hidden augmentation.
8-And maybe I cant explain all you see, but soon Ill explain all that you be.
Track Name: Beginner's Luck
Beginner's Luck:
1-Beginner's luck order up, another serving of that apathetic minimum.
2-You wanna hunt em down we'll teach the animals how to use a bigger gun in our curriculum.
3-Theoretically they wont invest into me medically chemically imbalanced cant be fixed with amphetamines.
4-Light the slow burning zig zag kick back un zip your back pack laptop where the tracks at?
5-Kick them drum beats drop a bass line, as long as it takes time it remains mine.
6-Orchestrate rhythms say rhymes, the only place I'd put my signature is their dotted line.
7-Hot box another blunt lit, I'm too high man I might write some dumb shit.
8-Go to your oracle and tell em that your outcome was horrible no worries the cave is allegorical.

Hook: The problem with beginners luck is, they never tell you which one is, at your doorstep cant be bored yet the days outcome will never let you forget.

1-Beginner's luck order up, another serving of that secretive impunity.
2-Ingenuity is sacrificed amusingly, moving further away from a global unity.
3-Worldwide community belittled and crippled, I can only find peace in these words I scribbled.
4-Urban missiles cannot be civil, and I don't believe in theories that say they trickle.
5-Down ending statements with noiseless punctuation, again I find my self in a pointless conversation.
6-And I've culminated all this suffocation, just in case I need a nap through this evocation.
7-Searching for a recognizable anything, sizable bedding to end this sweating thing.
8-Let it be the truth will set it free, without bad luck Id have nothing to bet on me!

1-Beginners luck order up, another serving of that indecisive clamoring.
2-Stop the incessive hammering, my brain cant take it anymore its scattering.
3-And I can only claim to be a novice, colossus out searching for lost prophets.
4-And the process weighs on this crusty devil, as the rusty metal becomes industry standard.
5-That's a husky cancer fussy bastards, take advantage and endorse this lovely slander.
6-Hold on to your prestigious temper, cuz being emperor means you never have to surrender.
7-Going on another instrumental bender, I surrender to the music as my audio renders.
8-And you can never escape my confirmation bias, cuz I base it on science I dare you try it.
Track Name: My Last Days Of Rest
My Last Days Of Rest:

1-Wake my mind up to my ancestral burden, my anxiety worsens when the curtain reveals a person.
2-Who's hurting to get his words in searching for a diversion, learning a way to emmurse a purpose or conversion of one.
3-Never done but really need to get started, every city will know the theory of everything once I've departed.
4-Whole hearted I'm tired of being tired of being tired, hired and fired the next day so I'll be retired.
5-And then I'll never work harder get rid of this sleep terror disorder, non-rapid eye movement until I hit the shock absorber.
6-All my memories crash into the back of my skull, and I know I need a way to move forward to become whole.
7-I fall into my pupils on the other side of the mirror, they look egar enough but they hide fear.
8-So now I'm looking at these cross roads through a cloud of this pot smoke, a path of lost ghosts who only got close.

Hook: These are my last days of rest, you'll never see me again. You'll never hear from me again.

1-Wake up my mind to my complete full potential, never could I let go my stomach is still unsettled.
2-I can only get better my feet can only get wetter, but honestly i cant find the words not even the letters.
3-My brain will never stop it keeps on twistin and turnin, poking me in the back of the eye like fucker why aint you workin!
4-Why aint you searching a new way of life, hang tight push through suck it up and make it right!!
5-Feel the weight of the world on my shoulders but never show it, I'm holding it back lifting it up hoping its
6-Effective innovation begins to atrophy I feel the slipping away of my sanity questioning it's lethality.
7-Balance me in-between logic and emotion, the oceans crashing against my soul causing erosion.
8-No magic potion could ever could ever cure me of this ailment, reinstate my curtailment because I'm heading for derailment.

1-Wake my mind up to my own two hands, what can they build what can fix what can't they have.
2-What can they grasp if only motivation for a moment, sometimes against the odds I feel like a hopeless opponent.
3-But truly deep down inside I know I'm the chosen exponent, brought here to break barriers down with no atonement.
4-No no one will hold it against me so I have nothing to loose, my skin is fading fast so I have nothing to bruise.
5-Nothing to use as weapon no its just me on my own, but I speak for us all we dont want a king on a throne.
6-No more breathing space no more time to unwind, leave behind this frame of mind and hit the pavement unsigned.
7-Mobilize and maneuver into the future it gets to the point the abuser becomes the accuser.
8-And now everyday life small tasks become a test, this will be the end of my last days of rest!!!
Track Name: Ever Changing Unity
Ever Changing Unity:
1-On the totem these poached aesthetics will serve their purpose, I'm wordless cuz no one on this planet reads cursive.
2-Neurons are tired and misfired destroying all of them, I'd call again but they wanna be higher move on to a taller man.
3-And I have fueled my exorbitance portion by portion since the day my brain became a steel trap fortress with a gorgeous fence.
4-It stays repressive congestive impressive lessons learned turn into burned bridges and then they call it progressive.
5-I stay shackled as I battle my way through apprehension, this surface tension strengthens all my dimensions.
6-Reclamation of delinquent children adopted by millions, and taken by oxymoron brilliant idiots.
7-They still call native Americans fuckin Indians, its time we banish and block out their useless idioms.
8-And I have to keep the coal burning to make this fever run, one thing never changes the fact that we are one.

Hook: We come close but never do we gain, we change slightly but always remain the same. We cant fight it we want to be entertained, we change slightly but always remain the same.

1-Engaging plodding oscillation back and forth as I dread the moment we dont become an awakened population.
2-In a mistaken moment of levitation I've suffered reformation partial removal of my brain via subluxation.
3-Publication of my private thoughts tranquilizing prescriptions makes the temperature of this climate drop another silenced shot.
4-Perfect timing completely worth it and here's your trophy, hold it closely to your chest and get all comfy cozy.
5-Show me a countersign or at least eroded reminisce, ever since the emphasis was on the benefits there's no more senselessness.
6-Breathless vents cuz the air conditioning hasn't conditioned air for like five summers oh well fuck it bummer.
7-The ones pacing themselves become runners, the ones chasing thier tails become cucumbers.
8-And few lovers remain friends as we chase colors, even though no one can win we make it a point to race others.
Track Name: High Tech Dark Age feat/ Postal
High-Tech Dark Age


1-Microchips implanted into your children, so their older brother will always know their conditioned.
2-Its too easy to tap into your phone, they need a challenge to turn your whole home into a microphone.
3-Blown fuses cause mass confusion, cameras on every corner recording your every movement.
4-Uploading your consciousness to their search engines daily, insurance companies reap the rewards on your card at Safeway.
5-We'll turn the Matrix into V for vendetta, before their scientific dictatorship is forced proven better.
6-It's submersive design to destroy your individuality, your self-discovery your personality.
7-Simply put they're hoarders of life prolonging technology, monitoring your thoughts and philosophy.
8-So the can take your likeness and revert your mental age, by then you wont be a person just a facebook page.

1-Consumers are passive time to dumb down the population, take away their jobs or give them government occupations.
2-Put it in the food the water they own our sons and daughters, through television and the media they bombard us.
3-We press a button on the remote they track what we watch, so they know what spy tech next they must launch.
4-Your X-Box one has one all seeing eye,
and aluminum and pesticides fall from the sky.
5-So that we'll stay docile and when they come across our fossils, they'll say what happened to our species was colossal.
6-They'll have the medicine and the electronic advances, we'll have human being starving in masses.
7-Existence wrapped in a plastic a bubble that our minds are t rapped in lacking oxygen and scholastic.
8-And I cant live like this so I wont let it go, this is the high tech dark age and kills you slow.
Track Name: Momentary Expression
Momentary Expression:
1-Playing on the opposite side of the miracle caramel covered cerebral cortex black hole inescapable vortex more sex will be the cure I’m sure.
2-Grey matter area settle comfortably into hysteria bury the marriage between the rhythm and lyrics deep into your cavernous gun carriage.
3-All of my proficiency is put into this space reflective symmetry, searching for validity in this five mile proximity will be definitive of my creativity.
4-I mean its all electricity general relativity coming across a Hazardous backwardness that keeps fuckin with my inaccessibility.
5-How do you like it when I come uninvited open the door to your mind and realize I’m inside it guided by the farsighted and blinded altered state heightened still undecided.
6-Bite it the bullet we still put up with the bullshit tell them the coolest is foolish, and we don’t have the tools to re do it fuck it we blew it turn on the tv and loose it.
7-Loosing congruence under the influence of fluids your use to it do it to it I’ma make music and make it really abusive and make it inconclusive so I can reuse it.
8-Snooze it and give me nine more minute of peace and quiet if I can find it stay awake and time it my highness resurfaced soon as the verses were permanent.

Hook: This is not life This is just a momentary expression.

1-Playin on the opposite side of the ferris wheel I'm escaping in some kind of alloy steel sensitive to the touch then its pedal to the metal power wheels.
2-How it feels how it feels to be invincible submisible miserable cause your little second grader trouble maker will never listen to the principle.
3-Irresistible out the shower now we're feeling kissable the pinnacle of quizzical syllables coming out of my mouth is typical but its unconditional hit em with.
4-All that shit that's been written about them bed ridden chicken pock infected christian children, as they listen to another nightmarish bed time story about a sick stricken mother.
5-No other could smother a blood brother quite like you write you a haiku in crayola thats light blue they told ya to bite through.
6-And see what life will do it just might riffle you in to a violent cycle you will have to buy your way through all of their disciples food their final idol dues will be given.
7-Collisions of the titans will brighten the skies when enlightenment brings entitlement to the stars.
8-I got bars up until that day comes the brave ones cannot hide scars, we can decide to try hard we've been advised to buy cars plans are devised to right off all your vacation time gone!
Track Name: Phonics

1-I have to break down some barriers with my dialect, cuz I know truly in my heart I cannot buy respect.
2-I haven't timed it yet my minds a fire hydrant, my words flow from the tap relieving you of this dire climate.
3-Trying to find a balance between sleep and concentration, I might just volunteer some nightmares for the inspiration.
4-You have an unhealthy anthology dive deep into mythology to understand today's technology that's my philosophy.
5-I mean Theory even though that's just the alias, alter ego cant carry this spontaneous simultaneous radiance.
6-made this fence so Ill take offense if i choose to, but you dont bother me much I only use you.
7-To teach myself better patience and how to communicate with the ancients improve impressive changes in cadence.
8-And its a fragrance a flagrance really all five senses could embrace it so hate it or take it into account I'm just a vagrant.

Hook: This is phonics to me, electronics is me, to a super sonic degree, hydroponics I breathe. Repeat phonics to me, these symphonics is me, to an isotonic degree,

1-I have to believe in something so why not this, knocking down sculptures of whoever your favorite rapper is.
2-Cuz all he ever gave a fuck about was fashion sense, never perfected the rhythm hasn't been in action since.
3-One hit wonders get swept under the carpet quick, tryin to build a discography beyond your hip hop starter kit.
4-Parlor tricks shit I cant call it its how an artist lives, if you come near this you'll only make me a martyr kid.
5-Irritating vocals incriminating hopefuls, i may be an opening local but I got soul too!
6-Apply the translation you cannot swallow what follows, hollow shell breaks and reveals the lost missions of Apollo.
7-Famine is not what I examined or how I planned to vanish, so I aint wasting my time my microphone I brandish.
8-Panic gains the advantage but it cant bandage the damage, as they tell the same story of another lyricist outcasted.

1-I have to buy me some time but its expensive, invested in a whole heap of shit I cant keep track of.
2-And now I'm packed up looking up over nights racked up, lack of sense of time gets caught up in a mash up.
3-Past up eventuality to get what i need now, weed hound puffin on joints to make me see sounds.
4-We see clouds differently suspiciously, investigate every last one of our worlds mysteries.
5-Question our history til I get real answers, we've been mislead for too long lets raise our standards.
6-Never really pay no attention to a pastor, and my girl knows I'm genuine you can ask her.
7-And my mom knows that I'm genuine you can ask her, she'll tell you that Ive got the heart of a starving panther.
8-No warning before or after you'll never know what happened, evacuation of the Earth and body before they're flattened.
Track Name: Shattered

1-Shattered with a grip on the mic even though I’m bruised and battered, powdered doughnut cocaine dusted with chem-trails equally scattered.
2-Mastered the art of blasphemy no effort or no strategy, inhumanity I say irrationality is agony.
3-Cannabinoid receptors working at full functionality, simply to turn my third eye inside out into reality.
4-Aint no salaried phraseology a part of me pardon me, scarring me in the process is all a part of the darkening.
5-Resistance is futile when cupid looks into your putrid eyes, humid through your lucid dreaming hold on to your druid ties.
6-Fluid lies trickle down the corner of your lips, fictitious rips off of the bong as melancholia hits.
7-You stop the apocalypse with parlor tricks and your popsicle sticks, lost all your popular to the populous not what you thought you’d get.
8-Try to misdirect my derivative to go where I go is a split infinitive go back to being primitive.

Now breathe breathe breathe you wont feel the shatter.

1-I just wanna sit here and enjoy this ride, but I cant even get around this track one time without the electrocution inside.
2-Burning my circuitry perfectly this urgency to fly will murder me certainly courtesy of your burgundy eyes.
3-My closest enemies and all my distant friends, tell me the exact same thing but fuck em I do not listen to them.
4-They tell me I’m not real and there’s no fuckin way, that I could be instantly gratified twice in one day.
5-My immortal clock it ticks but rarely tocks, but it talks and it won’t shut up until I smash it with this ten pound rock.
6-It’s all overkill I know but it was questioning my motor skills, over the shoulder thrills and I am sober still.
7-I’ve been known to hiccup uncontrollably hopefully they wont come looking for me totally locally and now the potency.
`8-Is too much to bare and I aint cutting my hair until the gods show themselves and make this existence perfectly clear.
Track Name: No Treaties feat/WRK4HYR
No Treaties:
1-No treaties never do I negotiate, main stream visions of work I don’t associate.
2-Subterranean like Area 51 deep, 40 floors never will I sleep.
3-All I need is one mic but I would like more, making music is a right I’d die for.
4-And you could put it on my gravestone if ever I get pummeled with these life sized hailstones and fall back on my tail bone.
5-And when I light a microphone believe it its finished, even when I am discarded my power is not diminished.
6-All we ever wanted to do was make records, wanted to make hip hop respect us.
7-And we don’t check the mic the mic it checks us, learn and progress through disconnections.
8-The recording is rewarding enough your half ass studio you should be boarding it up.
9-We are the antagonists musicianship activists, but we are not insurance for your unprotected accidents.
10-So when I comeback for my masters and my audio files, greet me with a smile show me you bit my style.
11- So I’ll hand out my cd’s as freebees deep freeze, call us MC’s an endangered species.
12-I breathe my words into an electronic format, that’s when I placed two feet on your door mat and…

1-No Treaties never diplomatic, they can talk til they're blue in the face and asthmatic.
2-Any deal they offer would be inadequate, compared to what I can do with a laptop and a backpack kid.
3-They call us savages against the law of averages, mad at us were not being good little capitalists.
4-Kick in their mainstream rappers studio door, Robin Hood style take from the rich and give to the poor.
5-Distribute their mics to all my friends, start our own record label and begin to contend.
6-Exhibition of artistry superior skill, until you hit varsity your inferior still.
7-Your on delirious pills brainwashed by airwaves, talking to yourself underneath the staircase.
8-Never submissive to a clause on a page, on stage with a mic in my hand pause my age.
9-Lost my way recovered my honor,if you thought I was a goner be prepared to be conquered.
10-My thesis is frozen until these pieces are broken, they're not breathing they're choking its easy to smoke em.
11-These milliseconds begin to overlap, so i have no time to sit and spit a sober rap.
12-Willingly we discard their sympathy, and we don't make treaties with the industry we....
Track Name: Standard Operating Procedure
Standard Operating Procedure:

1-Art preacher making em second guess the art teacher, the standard operating procedure.
2-This here’s for y'all a double feature, creatures behind the wall are all either.
3-Clinically insane or susceptible to seizures, these oxygen levels are too low to breed breathers.
4-Lyrical outlaw I don’t stand southpaw, this dulled down crown saw will be your downfall.
5-Immediately obedient between the tonic and the dominant so you can call me the mediant.
6-Musical deviant putative diviner, slipping something sinister into your apple cider.
7-There's a prerequisite to get into this requiem, and the waiting list spreads from here to the next millennium.
8-So sell yourself short and maybe whore yourself out, and we’ll be waiting there to tear your door down.

Hook: We've lost our leaders and all of our teachers, that's just the standard operating procedure. That's just the standard operating procedure.

1-Believer in tearing down your receivers, putting up our speakers and spitting our bleeders.
2-Take the aggravation apply adaptation, because they hunger for and feast on your starvation.
3-Turn reality into their depiction, spoon feed you your daily brand new addiction.
4-They will decimate until their arms dislocate, tell us to fluoridate then hibernate.
5-I cant concentrate on what the airwaves whisper, they stole my babe on her face they kissed her.
6-Shaved and blistered I walk into the ignorance, I wouldn't say its the sixth but I'd say I have a sicker sense.
7-Aint been bitter since aint felt better rest, and yes the blessed are not in my chest.
8-Even if its unsightly they'll take whats rightly ours, the loss of possessions on the surface only lightly scars.

1-Cant breathe here but cant seem to leave here, talk today tomorrow in the ether.
2-I interject on your intellect because your educations incorrect recollect.
3-Arbitrarily treated secondarily, if it's not militarily its not necessarily.
4-What happened it feels semi-natural, sometimes just want to take off in my capsule.
5-Anti factual battle against the radical every move is more tactical burn you to get your valuables.
6-Try to reach me I cant be declawed, I wont hide it I don't applaud through fraud.
7-Lost cause you boss hogs get lockjaw, and in the end I'm gonna live like a rock-star.
8-It takes a keen eye to notice their features, but that's just my standard operating procedure.