by M-Theory

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released February 15, 2010

Executive Producer: Aaron Guzman
© 2010 Abstract Sound Productions



all rights reserved


M-Theory Eureka, California

M-Theory is a hip-hop artist from Sacramento, CA. Born and raised in Northern California he first became interested in Hip- Hop at the age of 9. At the age of 13 he assumed the stage name M-80 and wrote his first rap song. In high school he met his best friend Aaron Guzman and they have been making records together ever since. Now with a more fitting stage name, his music reflects his ability. ... more

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Track Name: New Found Flexibility Feat. Aaron G
New Found Flexibility Feat. Aaron G

Hook:(Aaron G)
-I gotta new found flexibility, I can reach beyond the stars I can jump to Mars.
-I gotta new found flexibility, I can pause time and space cause minds to be displaced.
I gotta new found flexibility.

1-I gotta new found flexibility, I gotta new sound yes bring sensibility.
2-We breaking new grounds new possibilities, and capabilities and versatility.
3-This is the dawning of the age of Aquarius, stars forming from the clouds in the nebula.
4-Capricorn born wit a torn heart, aided by the determination to form art.
5-I am a force to be reckoned with second guess, response and find your self addicted to nonchalance.
6-This is the gauntlet and what I call truth, and it is alive and ever-changing if you want proof.
7-What can you take from me that's not already yours, cuz when I die it will be taken with excessive force.
8-Drift away from me and make no mistake, be flexible in life and you shall not break.

1-I am water water can crash water can flow, adaptation no formation as my discipline grows.
2-My art lives where absolute freedom does, believe in one believe in all the rest of us.
3-I respond like an echo let go of inhibition, insignificant traditions and apparitions.
4-And I do not waste time because time is life, unconscious is the only innocence in this life.
5-Knowledge equals power character equals respect, and who am I to judge you in your life and interject.
6-Its time to balance thought with action, your thinking too much thoughts are distraction.
7-Time for passion a new rationality, as my lyrics insure my immortality.
8-Always remember make no mistake, be flexible in life and you shall not break.

1-Self mentality determination of what you become, succumb to everything you run from.
2-There is no winning losing pride or pain, only existence in the mind when your plagued by fame.
3-The individual is more important than establishment, and we're living in a world where nobody knows how to balance it.
4-There is no circumstance only opportunities, and this community no there is no unity.
5-Purity no I'm only left with insecurity, and that there is no such thing as maturity.
6-Only the process of maturing everyday, I observe the guidelines but rarely do I obey.
7-The harder the battle sweeter is the victory, don't let it get wiped clean from the history.
8-If you never see me again make no mistake, be flexible in life and you shall not break.
Track Name: Everything Inbetween
Everything Inbetween:

V#1:My baby keeps me blind.
Suffering all the time.
She’s in her own little world.
Tell me what happened to this girl and now the stars align.
I have to keep her away.
Even though I want her to stay.
I could see the fear in her eyes.
To me it was no surprise and now our worlds collide.

Hook: It’s you and me, and everything in-between. Don’t make it complicated.
It’s you and me, and everything in-between. Don’t make a situation.

My baby keeps me high.
Aggravated all the time.
She’s sitting on her own planet.
And honestly I just can’t stand it now the tide has turned.
And now she’s going away.
Even though I beg her to stay.
I could hear the fear in her heart.
And mine is tearing apart and now our souls are burned.

Hook: It’s you and me, and everything in-between. Don’t make it complicated.
It’s you and me, and everything in-between. Don’t make a situation.

Don’t let her get close let her get control, don’t let her define my soul.
Don’t let her get close let her get control, don’t let her refine my woes.
Don’t let her no keep her back, I love her I hate her now she wont come back.
Don’t let her no keep her back, I need her cant have her don’t want her to come back.
All I wanna do is be with you you you.
But honestly I just cant stand you you you.
All I wanna do is make love love love.
But I cant share all of my lust, and now I’m back at square one.

Hook: It’s you and me, and everything in-between. Don’t make it complicated.
It’s you and me, and everything in-between. Don’t make a situation.
Track Name: Separation Anxiety
Separation Anxiety

1-She took her last shot of tequila round eleven thirty, she said she's turning in a little early.
2-Took it personal thinking she trying to desert me, at my limit but I'm still feeling a little thirsty.
3-I look at her and play it cool like it didnt concern me, gave me a hug goodbye I held her firmly.
4-I whispered to her this may be the last time you see me, she pulled away and gazed into my eyes with disbelief.
5-Giving me a look like I was lying in her face, her and I have never moved at a similar pace.
6-She turned slightly and started to walk walk away, after a few steps she stops and looks my way.
7-I tilt my brim to cover my eyes pretend to ignore her, she thinks Im the one but I cant restore her.
8-And now fate has allowed us to cross paths, she never appreciated it in the past.

Hook: I gotta get her get her off of my mind, I gotta give myself time to unwind.(X2) Separation anxiety's so cruel,(X2). And if I tell her I need her will she make it right, separation anxiety got me feeling trite.

1-I told her this is a dangerous game we're playing here girl, ever since I met you I've felt outta my element.
2-There's never really been talk of compromise or settlement, let's make a move to solution and finish it.
3-Sweet conversations from her subtle voice triggers these distant memories, we treat each other like enemies.
4-Like were convicted with felonies locked in a cage with no hope, I cant imagine what it feels like not to have her name in my throat.
5-And every aspect about her presence haunts my faded yet living mind, and at the same time.
6-I feel relief and one with this Earth when she's not around, but I still miss the sound.
7-Of her voice speaking on the other side of the phone, at least then I dont feel so alone.
8-And now fate has allowed us to part ways, maybe will meet again sometime near the end of days.

Hook:I gotta get her get her off of my mind, I gotta give myself time to unwind.(X2) Separation anxiety's so cruel,(X2). And if I tell her that I love her will she tell me back, separation anxiety is up on the attack.

Tell me do you wanna come home, or would you rather die alone. Tell me do you wanna come home or would you rather tell me over the phone.
Tell me do you wanna come home, or would you rather be alone. Tell me do you wanna come home or would you rather tell me over the phone.
Track Name: Deliverance Feat. WRK4HYR & Aaron G
Deliverance Feat. 16 plus & Aaron G:

Hook: (Aaron G): Our father who art in heaven, hollow be thy name. Thy kingdom come thy will be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven, now give us this day.
Now pray to God and ask for deliverance. (X4)

V#1:(16 plus):
1-One six one its like the path of destruction sent, like the elements of argument wont let us rest.
2-Sit back dont relax though, cuz you never know when this volcano's gonna blow.
3-Its all for show sometimes, but if you rewind and watch close you'll see another side of me.
4-I dont wanna be the man of the minute if Im sinning then Im sinning point blank its finnished.
5-Are you gonna be a victim or a witness, either way its your decision but its simple aint it.
6-I cant explain the situation but Im swaying to the left, if Im laying in my grave its because I had nothing left to say.
7-No breath to save put your cards on the table, I got a pair of kings me and M-80.
8-A.S.P. lyrically we aint stable, find yourself in our scope and its fatal.

1-Oh we're in a recession, a few steps away from a fuckin depression.
2-Not the time to hand down life lessons, A.S.P. keeps the population guessing.
3-You can call it a blessing in disguise, eyes wide shut until your mind decides.
4-To allow you to see the world for what it is, but shield the women and shield the kids.
5-Corruption flows through the vanes of economy, end of the day just political sodomy.
6-Search for deliverance in your soul, cant find it there got no place to go.
7-You can be sure that you have a home, inside my heart inside my soul.
8-Frustration is the work of the enemy, I lost my way so this is what they said to me.

1-You aint getting answers if you aint asking questions, you aint making the grade if you passing tests and.
2-Count your blessings hold your pride, swallow that shit chase it with time.
3-You aint making music you just making lies, one day the youth and media will realize.
4-Underground MC approved, industry muthafuccas need to move.
5-Make some room give me some space, one for the treble two for the bass.
6-My boy 16 plus up in your face, feel the heat and give it a taste.
7-Now inject this rhyme into your conscious, tired of hearing wannabe hip hop nonsense.
8-Get away from those negative people, ask for deliverance from pure evil.
Track Name: Alive Feat. Hydrogliceryn
Alive Feat. Hydroliceryn:

1-Yes the first cut is the deepest, man I cant believe my sleeplessness.
2-Step to Syndicate and Hydroglic, put your hands in the air and pump your fists.
3-What you cant see out of your peripheral vision, standing in awe at the beat's and rhyme's collision.
4-And they collide with precision at a split second decision, lyrical weaponry putting rappers in submission.
5-We the number one contenders public defenders, take that wack shit and return to sender.
6-Powerful voice from someone who's so slender, yelling at the top of his lungs no surrender.
7-No giving up no selling out no remorse or sympathy, forget whats acceptable in the hip hop industry.
8-No more statistics or listening to ratios, this is Abstract Sound and Pirate Radio.

Hook:(M-80): This the shit thats gonna make you feel high, make you feel alive, make you realize, to hesitate there is no time. This the shit that makes MCs retire, feeds my desire, to come with nothing but fire, now let the music take me higher.

1-Been alive and spit chicks on the handle grip, cd's to tape decks online and shit.
2-Never mind this kid turn a blind eye, turned out your spot no solicit signs.
3-It takes brute force to get us out the door, meanwhile promote it on the next big tour.
4-M-80 Hydroglic and a ton of bricks, upfront on stage 916 Syndicate.
5-Uh patrol the streets worse than 5-0, blockade your team with them strangle holds.
6- Life force to NES blast simultaneous, snub nose to barrels calm down any guess.
7- Spaceologist will not apologize, beef pop off yall better call them guys.
8-I got a call tonight shipment and kryptonite, fold down doors 18 wheels yeah we haul em right.

1-Yo yo word life my addictions cause my perceptions to be precise.
2-Some say I have a warped mind Im weeded up and drunk 110% of the time and its all on me.
3-Sipping Brandy with Brandy all on me, sex tapes lately on youtube daily.
4-Married life shaky we stay together for the baby, just some insight on everyday life.
5-That I breathe through this mic open your ears adjust your eyesight get your mind right adapt to the Zeitgiest.
6-Some choose to turn a blind eye I choose to respect people's rights police choose to cross the line.
7-The innocent doing time racial profiling excuse to persecute.
8- Suicidal maybe a little stir crazy, over confident or just optimistic DA other times Low Budget.
Track Name: Passionate

1-Uh yeah so passionate, so fanatical its simply elaborate.
2- No food bare empty cabinets, no no more attractiveness.
3-If they dont care about us then fuck the establishment, dont like what I say they gon sentence me to banishment.
4-And no one even really has the guts to challenge it, trendy fashion shit Im trashing it.
5-Feel the strength inside of my originality, I lost immortality from a small technicality.
6-My principality yes my territory untouched, Im the only one I trust.
7-And Im the only one that cant be rushed, or be hushed or be crushed.
8-So feel the ache and distress inside of my determination, if you cant do that use your imagination.

Hook: Uh Im so passionate, yeah Im so passionate (X2). About me what I eat, what I think what I drink. What I feel what I say, what I love what I hate. What I hear what I see, what I trust what I bleed. And everything in life I do with passion you see.

1-Yes my rhymes they still fascinate, to these other rappers simply emasculate.
2-Dont like what I speak they want an open debate, I came to sedate you I create you.
3-This is soul mate food you cant break through, yo recognize goals before you pay dues.
4-I counter act the opposition a Syn family tradition, opposing careless politicians.
5-The lyrical incision into the rhythm, I break through with bars and beats and paint visions.
6-And shape thought escape plots, never not ill never get got.
7-Im anti gravity a cosmic perspective, hip hop aint dead but it is defective.
8-And when the mic comes to me I get so protective, your musical judgment is so subjective.

1-Yes my soul is so affectionate, the beats and rhymes get so intimate.
2-Yeah you can test my effectiveness, at the same time you can mask your recklessness.
3-I posses ability intelligence, influential leadership that hails my accomplishments.
4-Only an MC could bring that presence, so all the rappers need to come to their senses.
5-Yes this musics so factual, my battle becomes increasingly tactical.
6-Hip hop and I have a contractual, agreement to never come wack and call it how I see it.
7-Call it out if I hear it, skill level rising and I know you fear it.
8-I was told life is only a ration, so everything in life I do with passion
Track Name: I've Been Mistaken Feat. Aaron G
I’ve Been Mistaken Feat. Aaron G

1-This place it taunts me, optical illusions aside it’s all in my mind.
2-This place it haunts me, it feeds off confusion confined the hearts of mankind.
3-Baby I thought u changed, no you remain the same ya causin me pain.
4-Since we’ve been estranged, I thought you would’ve made an effort to break free of these chains.
5-Allowing insecurity your immaturity, masking it don’t give it purity.
6-If I’m awake, it must have been a mistake must have been a mistake.

Hook:(Aaron G): I can never let you know, where I've been, I've been mistaken. I'll never let you go, not again, You've been mistaken. Must have been a mistake, must have been a mistake. Tell me once again, that I've been, I've been mistaken.

1-Are you truly here, I can see you but I cant hear you near.
2-And do you even exist, I cant feel my lips that you kissed.
3-Your like a never-ending rainbow, no matter how hard I try I can’t get to you.
4-You are the sky, hiding the universe with your daylight.
5-I guess I been fooled again, its true I been used as a tool again.
6-If I’m awake, it must have been a mistake must have been a mistake.

1-Shadows echo off reflections giving off that luminary perfection a visionary resurrection.
2-Illusionary mind state all hopes and dreams it desecrates, for your confusion heart ache it waits.
3-Is it in your state of being or a visual phenomena, and u can’t tell the difference form my galaxy to Andromeda.
4-Your just an after image once my eyes closed, like when the shutter opens and the light is exposed.
5-Colorful lights bouncing off visual spectrums, don’t mean a thing without sounds to connect them.
6-The past is a fact the present and future aint nothing but a hypothesis your best guess can’t contest.
7-Is innocence just simply ignorance, purity but senselessness illusions leaving you defenseless.
8-And I know they’re not real so I choose not to partake, if I’m awake, it must have been a mistake must have been a mistake.
Track Name: Documentary Feat. WRK4HYR
Documentary Feat. 16 plus:

1-If it aint about music then it aint about me and that’s the truth now and forever.
2-Never will I embody the modern day rapper, radio got your soul captured.
3-Kidnapped held for ransom abducted, the view real hip-hop has been obstructed.
4-Fuck it lets torment this industry, let em know we’re awake and we aint going quietly.
5-I embrace consequences from my independence, check the record yeah perfect attendance.
6-I may be lost soul but I haven’t given in to mind control time to go.
7-Fatigue takes over my essence, I’m weary from waiting for them to feel my presence.
8-Ill be content with only one youth inspired, but the shit remains the same, I’m tired.

Hook:(16 plus): I'm tired of being promised it all guaranteed, I'm loosing it. But Ill sit and grit my teeth, I'm a time bomb ticking down the seconds in my head until it's time to leave. I'm a statue I will never feel the breeze I'm a lost soul, I will never be at ease I'm an MC. I'm embodied by this music it's how I breathe, if it aint about music then it aint about me.

1-If it aint about music then it aint about me that’s the truth from here to infinity.
2-Question my divinity Ill take yo musical virginity all up in yo general vicinity.
3-I am the trinity mind body and soul, immortal behind the mic you play a minor role.
4-Me being charismatic comes automatic, censoring my rhymes is problematic.
5-That’s right a beat junkie you can call me an addict, taking hits off the microphone my speech is emphatic.
6-Open yo eyes analyze, the size of industrial influence over things we idolize.
7-I know its been disguised its time to sit down and revise its what I advise.
8-True self-knowledge should be required, but the shit remains the same, I’m tired.

1-If it aint about music then it aint about me that’s the truth from here to eternity.
2-Imitation artists burn me internally, like the third degree I firmly disagree.
3-With everything the media feeds me on a daily basis find an oasis.
4-Wide open spaces till someone replaces, my mind with familiar faces.
5-Ridiculous wages countless stages, 1001 pages all different ages.
6-Innumorous verses just me versus the curses who will reimburse us.
7-For being qualified never modified, never simplified we can coincide.
8-No sleep till my goals I’ve acquired, but the shit remains the same, I’m tired
Track Name: Somebody Save Me Feat. Aaron G
Somebody Save Me Feat. Aaron G:

1-I don’t really expect you to save me, foolish of me to think you’d repay me.
2-It don’t phase me it makes me wanna shake these negative memories.
3-I don’t expect you to understand, how I feel with this mic in my hand.
4-On this stage on this page in the book of my life in this age of rage.
5-And this wage of war we engage ignore, blame the poor and then lie in stage four.
6-Sickening my time keeps quickening plot keeps thickening.
7-Age old trickery distance tongues from the taste of victory that page in history.
8-Ripped from the binds to make us all blind, somebody save me somebody save me.

Hook: (Aaron G) All my life I’ve been waiting for, someone to save me. I’m conscious I’m going under, somebody save me.

Bdg: I can’t hold my head above water, any longer. I can’t hold my head above water, any longer.
1-Im drowning I’m pounding on the door, crawling across the floor.
2-Lookin for a lifeline still get ignored, can’t hear myself think anymore.
3-Im continuously contradicted, not concerned on how I’m depicted.
4-Not what anyone ever predicted, and still to the music they get addicted.
5-Restricted fact not fiction, me and pop hip-hop radio friction.
6-Get out the kitchen 80 getting heated, I feel alone I feel cheated.
7-Completely depleted often defeated, repeated over and over the way I’m mistreated.
8-Fuck that u can curb your bravery, somebody save me.

1-This is my audio autobiography, study my ideology.
2-Save me I’m pacing like a caged beast you cant tame me.
3-I brake the mold I cant be bought nor sold you not hot or cold.
4-Release me bring me redemption, falsify my misconception.
5-Intensify my progression, high paid scholars got the wrong impression.
6-Aint no question bout plagued radio reception, I’m putting this music into my possession.
7-Broadcasting live in high definition, and I have no regression.
8-Satisfied with what the universe gave me, somebody save me somebody save me.
Track Name: I Am One
I Am 1:

1-I am one with this earth with this planet oh godammit cant stand it getting information in fragments.
2-I am one with this ever-lasting rhythm, with ambition of a true musician a new tradition.
3-I am one wit this eternal lyrical imagery, combined wit instrumentals indisputable synergy.
4-I am one wit revolutionary mind state, politics need to adapt cuz we don’t migrate.
5-I am one wit resistance perpetual persistence, yes im goin the distance without your assistance.
6-I am one with hip-hop heads and beat junkies alike now let me grab this mic.
7-I am one wit electronics constant motion tectonics, lyrical pretence way beyond phonics.
8-I am one with myself and I am only one man, I gotta stick to the plan.

Hook: I am one, with this microphone. I am one, with this universe. I am one, with the unknown. I am one, with each verse.

1-I am one with the images inside of your mind, induced by persuasion and questioning mankind.
2-I am one wit saying what’s on my mind, even though policy-makers will black out my rhymes.
3-I am one with destruction of monocracy, democracy comes wit a price of hypocrisy. (now put yo fists up)
4-I am one wit the elements chemical hip-hop that’s non stop until the day that I drop.
5-I am one with my family my closest friends my girl my world and everything in it that I love.
6-I am one with the treble and I am one with the bass, I am one with time and I am one with space.
7-I am one with the sun cuz that’s where I come from, made of star stuff as Carl Sagan said it once.
8-I am one critical reasoning my lyrical seasoning is a little bit too spicy for ya!!!

1-I am one with population I am one with the masses, what u need glasses to see they slash gashes.
2-I am one with the classics monumental Jurassic my contrived tactics are simply galactic.
3-I am one with a voice I made a conscious choice, to bring justice and honesty to the mic now pass it.
4-I am one with strength I am one with intensity, I am one with momentum and proper musical density.
5-I am one with forces of aggressive atomic astronomic catastrophic contradiction in my position.
6-I am one with independent thought and I have fought and bled for everything that I got.
7-I am one with survival I am one with endurance, Im giving insurance to guarantee your assurance.
8-I am only one in race of human beings I am only one I am only one.

I am one with: Social interactions, traditions, rituals, ethics, values, social norms, laws, beauty, aesthetics, art, writing, literature, music, phenomena, philosophy, science, mythology, religion, curiosity, tools, skills, food, clothes, technology, knowledge, generations, education. I AM ONE
Track Name: 10 To My 21 Feat. Tru
10 To My 21 Feat Tru:

1- I seen her from a distance and I had to know.
2-Where she was coming from and where she wants to go.
3-She turned to me an said what do you want from this.
4-Cuz I aint waisting time if you aint serious.

Hook: (Tru):
I wanna sweep you off your feet, I wanna be the one you keep. I wanna be the love that you'd never regret to meet. I wanna be the one you trust, I wanna be the one you love. But I will never know your heart until you let me in.
10 to my 21 (X8)

1-My gambling addiction starts with affliction of her on my suite of hearts.
2-Deal me in baby I’m not thinking bout consequences, conscientious state of mind isn’t present.
3-U can call it a risk but Ima take my chances, of true love a real romances.
4-No passion without real desire, that aint nothing new you preaching to the choir.
5-Shes my queen I’m her ace you can check the facts, so all them other jokers yeah they need to relax.
6-My infatuation plus her seduction, only causes magnetic induction.
7-Her and I are 21 in this game of blackjack, every weekend in the morning she cooking me flapjacks.
8-But the outcome is unpredictable, play by my own rule not the traditional.
9-Some say the wager can be abdicable, I say her love is strictly medicinal.
10-Baby I promise never to split, never submit always commit and never quit.

1-She raising the stakes I’m upping the ante, she only knew me as a musical vigilante.
2-She aint pulling one pass me I’m counting cards to make sure when she comes around Ima be ready.
3-And steady stable enough for if I bust I loose the lust and love of the only one I trust.
4-They say the odds are in favor of the house, I push the first time and come back wit no doubt.
5-No material value is equal to her, yo betting’s recreational is where we differ.
6-She aint phased by the glitz and the glamour of this casino, u could say we’re legal once we get into Reno.
7-It aint illusion of control experimental demonstration, 21 is genuine in our situation.
8-I get impatient waiting for the hand to be dealt, this is the realist thing that I’ve ever felt.
9-Things don’t add up they really don’t make sense, unless I got my queen to keep suspense intense.
10-Im the ace she’s the queen and this game is done, you can call her 10 to my 21.
Track Name: Undercover Feat. Mateo
Undercover Feat. Mateo

1-My flow is harder than ever and you will never take the part of me that transcends musically.
2-Im talking brutally but casually I take your self esteem away, today just aint your day you should be seeing in a shade of gray.
3-A spectrum of colors waiting to be located, let your eyes roll back as your being sedated.
4-Now Im seeing in infrared light and it aint that bright so I better ignite.
5-The flame to keep you guessing and wondering what Ill do next, Im not here to do what you other suckers expect.
6-Muthafucca reject better show respect, if I kill this beat call me a murder suspect.
7-In full effect Abstract Sound riders, I got no love or respect for these biters.
8-Syn clique some fighters for the movement, cuz theres plenty of room for improvement.

Hook: (M-Theory):
My covers gone my covers gone dont let em blow your cover man. (X2)
This is where is started and this is where it will end.(X4)

1-So call it in the air head or tails, how they want it fast or slow wait let me inhale.
2-And drop a line for these hot MC rap vocals, my speech and dialect keep suckers in check.
3-Ill bet it was a murder weapon, crime scene yellow tape white chalk spittin this hot conversation.
4-Now your eyes closed for a minute for this meditation, eyes focused you would think that it was concentration.
5-But its pure full strength liquid concentrate, innovate while you politricks playa hate.
6-Wait let me illustrate and spit my lyrical visions with low frames opposite to the stunna shades.
7-Renegades Syndicate's a rap legend paid, working on our shit while we flyin through the airwaves.
8-Young Mateo goes hot for the west side, lets ride I said let lets ride.

1- Sucker MCs once again you've been beat from listening to the sounds of Aaron G.
2-Lost in a world of poverty, where politricks are handles sloppily.
3-Repeating everything that I have stated in the distant past, black out what Im saying but how long will it last.
4-A crisis on our hands and we wont let up, no love for the people trying to suppress us.
5- See at the same time Syndicate's a rap professor music chemist is nemesis, Mateo's old school like Sega Genesis.
6-Dropping hot propaganda mouth working with the stamina, thats what they want eating at panda restaurants.
7-With distorted guitar riffs I spliff I chief a blunt and piece a cigarette see I aint finished yet.
8- Syndicate the nine sixteen I go beasty for the city, yep for my sons!!!
Track Name: Environmental Noise Feat. Peso Harlem
Environmental Noise Feat. Peso Harlem:

Intro:(Peso): This isnt what I came for, just put the money in the bag. Grab 80 call 16, I know it sounds a little abstract. Still searching for inspiration, theres no changing that. Music runs through my vanes, heart beats to rap.

1-Certified like the OG's are, young money no contract.
2-Not even close to being bar for bar, no rims on the vehicle no extra attention.
3-No pressure on the pistol if ever I forget to mention.
4-They say progress is slow, still we count it fast when it comes I talk to em in Spanish over the phone.
5-And let the drug money circle the block for about a month.
6-I aint even gotta lie to a nigga they know Im certified, plane landed an hour ago.
7-Still running off of German time, serve em well on the first and fifteenth.
8 Daughter needs diapers younger brother needs a role model, I dont really think you wanna be me.

Hook: (M-Theory): This is long-term exposure to environmental noise. If the music disturbs the peace, u can call the police.

1-Aye yo my time is precious but it still gets wasted, with the end so close I can almost taste it.
2-Face it life is encased with evasive maneuvers my soul is progressively abrasive.
3-In plain sight yes broad daylight, my pain anguish no more being polite.
4-Try to hide behind whatever walls are left standing, I’d listen to my heart but it’s so demanding.
5-Contrasting view of political urgency, but this is an emergency concerning me.
6-Send me into surgery no anesthesia, pass out from the pain wake up with amnesia.
7-Lookin in the mirror as a stranger stares back, elation and harmony now where’s that.
8-Back for the first time famished as ever, welcome to the mystery of my endless endeavor.

Hook:(M-Theory): This is long-term exposure to environmental noise. If the music disturbs the peace, u can call the police.

1-This city is unforgiving all I see is the dead walk amongst the living.
2-And feed on the flesh of the weak they really have no room to speak they cant patch the leak.
3-Everlasting losing streak, who has the time to connect this piece.
4-No respect for peace tell em call the authority, tell em make it their number one priority.
5-Majority vote unseen to the masses, like midnight sunglasses.
6-He who’s fastest catches the prey, and he without burden seizes the day.
7-Carpe Diem leave em without the ability to see him, but with something to believe in.
8-Don’t believe all optical obstacles, too good to be true if it seems that possible.
Track Name: Soul Of A Sleepless Night
Soul Of A Sleepless Night:

1-Alone no never alone always accompanied by someone I’ve got to drive home.
2-Alive barely one foot in the grave check my vital signs tell me can I be saved.
3-Awake technically but not really you feel me I’m dreaming of a life appealing.
4-Anxious sitting waiting for the waitress, and when our eyes met we both remain nameless.
5-Shameless cuz I have no accountability, and I don’t really respond to hostility.
6-Brainless without the function of sleep, 12am and Im in too deep.

Yo I think I’m making my move, I think I got something to prove, I’m one with the stars and the moon, so u better give me some room.

Hook: Daylights burning the moon is rising, I can see darkness on the horizon, it’s the one not by a plain sight, this is the souls of a sleepless night. I know u feelin it right.

1-Yo popularity don’t make an appearance, baby do I have clearance for my incoherence.
2-Im fearless but I continue to grow weary, you hear me I don’t want that shit nowhere near me.
3-Sincerely I break your spirit severely, I hope you hearing me clearly.
4-It’s eerie the way the darkness and the silence, form an alliance to fade my defiance.
5-Priceless the feeling that I have is timeless, this state of mind Ill bet its hard to find this.
6-Im weightless without the function of sleep, 2am and I’m in too deep.

Yo I think I’m making my move, I think I got something to prove, I’m one with the stars and the moon, so u better give me some room.

1-Last call the concrete is breaking your fall, from alcohol related incidents I recall.
2-Troublesome gambling your dollars to double em, staring at me with your glazed eyes chewing on bubble gum.
3-I know you loving em getting they numbers and then u fuckin em give it a week and then u dumping em.
4-Is the room spinning ready for a new beginning, yeah the devil on your shoulder is grinning.
5-Grinning grinning cuz you continue sinning, the time you have left on this Earth continues thinning.
6-Wasted without the function of sleep, 4am and I’m in too deep.

Yo I think I’m making my move, I think I got something to prove, I’m one with the stars and the moon, so u better give me some room.
Track Name: Reluctant

1-Bloodshot blinded cataract visionary, forsaken castaway abandoned missionary.
2-Where’s the fine line between tangible reality, and fallacy the true product of mentality.
3-This entire art form has lost its originality, and none of the artists have distinct personalities.
4-In actuality my understanding never existed, explicit memories of the illicit.
5-Twisted is the burden placed on the enlisted, and who’s to know the fate of the ones who resisted.
6-Contradicted the price of war has just doubled, to ask for truth is just asking for trouble.
7-You look puzzled and that’s just the way that they like it, they strike quick questioning the severance you might get.
8-The ever-lasting search for someone to confide in, I fell asleep once the pain subsided.

I’m reluctant to show you my face; I’m reluctant to believe your word. (You were never there)
I’m reluctant to give you my heart, I’m reluctant from what I heard. (You never cared)

1-No I never questioned if it was fair, no need for you to see me hide my face behind my hair.
2-Blankly stare into the unforgiving universe, fighting over this and that and who said what first.
3-The seams burst and disbelief is curbed for the moment, you realize this is your one chance and you blow it.
4-Own it don’t try to pawn it off on the next, this shows that your weak exposes your bad reflex.
5-A new perfection taken out of context, in a language that to you is perplexed.
6-The syringe injected infected by a virus, determination of color of your iris.
7-Time keeps slipping away no need to capture, eternity’s just a word to prepare you for rapture.
8-And in my last breath my unwritten letter, I was reluctant to tell you things got better.
Track Name: Unusual

Ambush never had to wait so long something is wrong, Im expected to hesitate test fate rest hate while my insides resonate.
Fuck this stomachache this cavalcade of hate as the whole world disintegrates.
Break free of the things that when you die u can’t take fake false impostor prophets somewhere in the process I lost the context my concepts abstract at heart Ill be the one looking for a fresh start.
Criminally insane to the ones that maintain the brains pain bang no more misery consider me to be the visiting spiritual entity.
Yes me test me guess we gotta take it in stride but please take it inside your mistaking the pride for something you can hide where theories they collide.
Inside of my mind precious is the time so I gotta go leave this city behind try to find what’s been missing in my life.
Good riddance to distance life taken in an instance no existence join the resistance where’s my subsistence where’s my subsistence?

What the fuck am I supposed to do compose a toast to you fight and complain over who gets the most of you.
I’m just a ghost to you ask me what I need just a place to sleep and maybe something to eat.
The ability to create a beat and put my emotions on the cd that I carry around in that paper sleeve.
Hi my names Steve I know we’ve never met but I’m sure you wont forget.
Oh here I am again alone must of drifted into that rhyme zone cuz when I looked at the clock I was in an entirely different time zone I’m home.
And once again they’re out to dinner and again I get thinner wanna read what I wrote but there’s no ink in the printer and away I wither.
Finished essentially diminished cynical completely metaphysical visible critical mass is surpassed passed out cuz u cashed out too fast.
How the hell am I supposed to survive another high tide its high time I high tail my ass outta this god forsaken place without my pride or grace.
Face it there’s no more time to save it my placement in this planet’s basement I hate it I cant say shit I gotta erase it before the sun rises and I’m again wasted.

And now the color of your eyes has changed, as I remain chained to a life that I cannot explain.
Bang bang goes the drum bang bang goes the gun and I’m back at square one.
And it doesn’t take much to remove the trust by giving in to lust greed and unjust actions leaving us fucked!!!
Now duck!!
I don’t want you to be the myth while you plea the fifth so you can see the difference it make and takes just to break the spirit of wasted lives when you erase the minds.
Times are hard so you bite the bullet and reclaim your scars begging for forgiveness with the cry of electric guitars through the smoke of cigars.
Going far and beyond time and space to a place that you cannot relate to break through the matrix and sit in this wait room I’m sure that they hate you hesitate to save you.
Stay tuned stay glued to the television radio and media outlet that you cant forget that you cant neglect but you will regret saying oh shit!
I cant believe this is happening to me as I am viewing my own damn funeral, “yo 80 cant you tell these people using you” I guess it seems just a little unusual.